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RF Metal Tube Flying CO2 Laser Marking Machine with Coherent 30W 55W

Flying laser marking Machine is a kind of special online laser printer for the automatic production line. Compared to the traditional inkjet printer, the flying laser marking machine for production line is more outstanding in the aspects of low material consumption, pollution-free, no noise, energy saving and environmental protection. Additionally, the Package Printing Machine has advantages of simple operation, stable performance, long service life, low maintenance cost etc. And it is equipped with different laser sources and printer system.
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RF Metal Tube Flying CO2 Laser Marking Machine with Coherent 30W 55W  

Main function:

Flying co2 laser marking machine mainly used for marking on non metal materials in production line.

Applicable materials:

Suitable for wood ,paper,leather,cloth,plexiglass,epoxy,acrylic,unsaturated polyester resin and other non-metal materials.

Applicable industries:

Widely used in leather , food ,beverage, colth,electronic,meter,communication instruments,package and other industries, can be combined wiith streamline for online marking.

Machine Type



 Laser tube brand and model

Coherent brand C30 (lifetime >50,000 hours)

Coherent Brand C55

(lifetime >50,000 hours)

Output power



Mode Quality


Beam Size




Control system

Genuine CLEFINE brand CNF-130A laser printer control system which can be Compatible with win7/8/10

Cooling type

Air cooling

 Standard Working Area:

175mm×175 mm

Aperture size




long term drift over 8 hours


Repeated Accuracy


 Minimum Line Width


Power Supply


Machine Power



Packing size



Gross weight



Equipment advantage

◆ Split structure, the fuselage is raised, the laser head can be moved up and down, so that the flying  marking machine can be applied to production lines of different heights.

◆ Touch display, advanced technology.

◆ Dedicated embedded control system, fast running speed and good real-time performance.

◆ The device is small in size, light in weight and easy to move.

◆ The laser pulse frequency is high and the marking speed is fast.

◆ Maintenance-free, no consumables, continuous and stable processing for 24 hours, low operating costs of equipment.

◆ The device is equipped with a photoelectric switch to automatically detect the product.

◆ Automatically track production line speed and adjust coding speed.

◆ High-definition coding, seamless integration, easy processing of various production line



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