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What are the considerations of a laser engraving machine?

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A laser engraving machine will also be a kind of laser marking machine. In the use and maintenance need to master the method and careful maintenance, to make the machine more stable to play its role. Next, let us introduce in detail.

The following is a list of contents:

cooling water

Ambient temperature and humidity Ambient temperature

Maintenance of the stability of the control PC

Maintenance of guide rails

Maintenance of the fan

Tightening of screws

Maintenance of the lens

Cooling water

Laser engraving machines cooling water to be smooth whether with tap water or circulating water pump, must keep the water flowing smoothly. Cooling water is to take away the heat generated by the laser tube, the higher the water temperature, the lower the light output power (to 15-20 ℃ water temperature is better); water will be broken because of the laser cavity heat and lead to tube end fracture, and even damage to the laser power. So always check whether the cooling water is smooth is very necessary. When the water pipe has a hard fold (dead bend) or off, so that the pump failure, must be timely repair, to avoid power decline or even cause damage to the equipment.

Ambient temperature and humidity ambient temperature

Ambient temperature and humidity ambient temperature should be in the range of 5-35℃. Special attention is paid to: if used in the environment below freezing point, must do: to prevent the laser tube circulating water icing, after the shutdown must be completely water discharge; power on, the laser current must be preheated for more than 5 minutes before work, in rainy days and humid environment, the laser power supply more preheating time longer, indeed, after draining moisture before adding high voltage to prevent high voltage circuit breakdown. The correct use of "laser high voltage" key "laser high voltage" key dialed, the laser power supply is in a standby state, encounter "manual light" or computer misoperation, will send out laser, inadvertently hurt people and objects. Inadvertently hurt people and objects. Therefore, each completed work, such as not continuous processing, should always turn off the "laser high voltage", (laser current can not be turned off), and the operator is prohibited to leave without permission when the machine is working, to avoid accidents, it is recommended that the continuous working time is less than 5 hours, in the middle can rest 30 minutes.

Maintain the stability of the control PC

Control PC is mainly used for the control of laser engraving machine use. In addition to the addition of the necessary graphic design software, be sure to do dedicated machine dedicated. As the computer installed network card and antivirus firewall, will seriously affect the speed of the control machine, especially the Cnc laser engraving machine and fiber laser engraving machine.

Maintenance of guide rail

During the movement of the guide rail, a large amount of dust will be generated due to the material being processed. Maintenance method: first of all, use a cotton cloth to wipe away the original lubricant and dust on the guide rail, wipe clean, and then apply a layer of lubricant on the surface and sides of the guide rail, which can extend the service life of the laser engraving machine. Maintenance cycle: about a week.

Fan maintenance

After working for some time, the fan and exhaust pipe will accumulate a large amount of dust, dust will affect the fan's exhaust efficiency, resulting in a large amount of smoke and dust can not be discharged. Maintenance method: loosen the connection hose of the exhaust pipe and fan, remove the exhaust pipe, and clean out the dust in the exhaust pipe and fan. Maintenance cycle: about one month.

Tightening of screws

Movement system in the work of a certain period, the movement of the connection of the screw will produce loose, the screw is loose, will affect the smoothness of mechanical movement. Maintenance method: use the randomly attached tools to tighten the screws one by one, can improve the efficiency of the laser engraving machine. Maintenance cycle: about one month.

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