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What are the precautions for laser marking machines?

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The laser marking machine as the emerging marking equipment, with its excellent performance has been recognized by the majority of customers, and thus applied to many industries. Then before the formal production, you need to do some preparatory work, such as installation and storage, to ensure that the laser marking machine will not be damaged by improper operation and avoid unnecessary losses. And informal use, you should also pay attention to the correct method of operation to ensure the service life of the laser marking machine. Next is the introduction of the precautions for the installation, storage, and use of laser marking machines.

Here is the content list:

Precautions for installation

Precautions for storage

Precautions for use

Precautions for installation

Please install the laser marking machine in a stable or vibration-free place. Proper ventilation space is required around the laser head unit and controller unit. The yellow fiber optic cable contains very thin laser light transmission fiber because it is easy to break and affects the laser performance, please do not bend it or reduce it to as small as R (radius 150mm) or smaller. Do not block the exhaust port and provide enough space around the laser marking machine to properly vent the heat generated by the equipment. If the fiber laser marking machine produces dust from card marks when marking, provide external ventilation devices, etc., so that dust does not accumulate around the device.

Precautions for storage

Store in an environment where the temperature exceeds the range of 0°C to +50°C (free from icing and condensation). Store in an environment where the humidity exceeds the range of 10 percent to 90 percent relative humidity (free of condensation and condensation). Try not to store in places with sudden temperature changes, condensation, direct sunlight, dusty places (pay particular attention because it tends to cause a decrease in yield), places with shocks or violent vibrations, places with poor ventilation near walls, unstable places, and inclined places. Places that may generate static electricity, magnetism, noise, etc., places that occur near water, oil, steam, chemicals, corrosive gases, flammable gases, iron powder, dust, etc., places that may be contaminated by foreign objects such as metal pieces or wood pieces, all have different degrees of influence on laser marking machine for metal, and some may even have hidden dangers.

Precautions for use

Optical parts surface is strictly prohibited to touch by hand, prohibited to blow parts with the mouth, only use gloves to remove dust and pollution, use long fiber absorbent cotton or lens paper to wipe gently. A laser marking machine is a light electromechanical technology. As an emerging discipline, its equipment is sophisticated, so operators and maintenance personnel must have professional knowledge and skills. And the media diaphragm needs to be checked regularly for cleanliness, misalignment, contamination of the laser bar end, and clean water tanks to ensure that the equipment can operate effectively. Laser marking machines, such as laser marking machine for gold jewelry, are usually installed in a separate, enclosed workshop with painted or tiled floors, and air-conditioning is recommended.

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