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What is the structure of the laser marking machine?

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In the production process, we will encounter some occasions that require finer and more accurate marking, and we want to put permanent marks on different material surfaces, engraving beautiful patterns, trademarks, and texts. So, what is the structure of the laser marking machine? Next, we will take you through it.

Here is the content list:


Laser power supply

Oscillating mirror field mirror scanning system

Computer control system

Focusing system

Marking control software


The laser is the core component of the laser marking machine. It is available in several laser families: optical, UV, CO2, YAG, and semiconductor. It has a good output laser mode and a long service life and is placed inside the marking machine housing.

Laser power supply

The laser power supply of the laser marking machine is the device that provides power to the laser, and its input voltage is AC220V. The marking machine is hung on the management box.

Oscillating mirror field mirror scanning system

The instrument scanning system consists of 2 parts: sub optical scanner and servo control. The laser marking machine for gold jewelry adopts new technology, new material, and new process, replacing the style and production principle. The optical scanner's servo motor moves the magnet sort of deflection in the operation way. It has the advantage of huge scanning angle, huge peak torque, inertia load and works fast, stable and reliable. The optical scanner is divided into a sub-X-directional scanning system and a Y-directional scanning system, and each servo motor axis is mounted with an optical device reflector. Each servo motor is controlled by digital signals from a computer that separately manages its scanning mechanical phenomena.

Computerized system

The whole system is the management and command center of the computer-controlled laser marking machine, as well as the carrier of the packaging installation. Through the coordinated management of the acousto-optical modulation system, the marking of the instrument scanning system is completed on the workpiece. The fiber laser marking machine consists of the chassis, motherboard, CPU, exhaust driver, memory, D/A card, floppy drive, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Focusing System

The function of the focusing system is to focus parallel light rays on a target. The focusing system mainly adopts an f-θ lens, so the focal length of the lens is totally different, so the marking effect is totally different. The fiber laser marking machine adopts foreign advanced focusing system, its common configuration of focal length is f=160mm, the effective scanning range varies. Users need to use the lens according to the model to configure.

Marking control software

The role of the marking control software of the laser marking machine is to manage the marking parameters, manage the debugging application interface, and operate all the actions of marking.

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