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What are the advantages of laser marking machines?

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The laser marking machine is highly accurate, the laser light speed is very fine, acting on the material surface, small repositioning accuracy up to 0.01mm. The laser marking machine is suitable for fine instruments as well as parts marking. The current accuracy can meet the needs of marking on very small plastic and metal surfaces, such as the common two-dimensional code. Compared with embossing or jet marking methods, laser marking machine has stronger market competitiveness. Let's talk about some of the advantages of laser marking machines.

Here is the content list:


Wide range of applicable materials

Anti-counterfeitingLong life span

Low running cost

High processing efficiency

High engraving accuracy

Low environmental requirements


The laser marking machine for metal does not produce corrosion on the work surface, no "tool" wear, no toxicity, no pollution.

Wide range of applicable materials

Laser marking machines can mark almost all metal and non-metal material surfaces (such as aluminum, stainless steel, glass, leather, fabric, paper, etc., different materials, different thickness, different soft hardness of the material can be).


The laser marking machine marks are clear and beautiful, durable and wear-resistant, not easy to be altered and covered up, to a certain extent, to play a role in anti-counterfeiting.

Long life span

The service life of the laser marking machine is long, the core of the whole equipment is the laser, the service life is more than 20,000 hours.

Low running cost

The laser marking machine marking speed and marking once formed, low energy consumption, and therefore low operating costs. For example, fiber laser marking machine, although the initial investment in fiber laser marking machine equipment than the traditional marking and coding equipment to be high, from the later operating costs, the use of laser marking machines to be more cost-effective.

High processing efficiency

Computer-controlled laser marking machine laser beam can move at high speed (speed up to 7000mm / s), processing a conventional product can be completed in a few seconds. Laser marking systems are equipped with computer control systems, can be flexible with high-speed assembly lines, greatly improve processing efficiency.

High engraving accuracy

The laser marking machine engraving items fine pattern, the smaller line width up to 0.04mm. mark clear, durable, beautiful. Laser marking can meet the need to print a large amount of data on very small plastic parts. For example, laser marking machines for metal can print two-dimensional barcodes that require greater accuracy and clarity, which is more competitive in the market compared to embossing or jet marking methods.

Low environmental requirements

Laser marking machines on the processing environment requirements are low. Conventional laser marking machine length and width of the size of most in more than one meter covers an area of small, only need to use electricity.

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