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What are the application areas of laser marking machines?

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Laser marking machine has the advantages of stable production and processing functions and low consumption rate. The laser engraved logo is clear, long-lasting, and neat. It can achieve identification laser engraving on most material surfaces. What industries can laser marking machines be used in? Here is a brief description of its application areas.

Here is the content list:

Metal marking

Metal processing

Polymer materials

Packaging industry

Food industry

Other industries

Metal marking

The laser marking machine for metal can be used to mark electronic hardware components. Many people may not be aware that a laser marking machine for metal is used for marking hardware and electronic components. For cars, ships, machinery, equipment, and other materials with more friction, the use of laser marking can be wear-resistant and durable, to better help the industry mark.

Metal processing

Laser marking machine is used in IT industry, communication industry, machine manufacturing, food and drug, medical equipment, watches and glasses, craft gifts, precious metal jewelry, leather clothing, packaging and printing stoves, precision hardware, jewelry, electrical appliances, instruments, and other metal processing industry.

Polymer materials

The laser marking machine for gold jewelry application through polymer materials, electronic components, wire-speed limit, reflective film, plastic keys, sapphire, glass, tile, aluminum plate, signage, and other metal materials non-metallic materials. For laser marking machines for gold jewelry, these are its specialty, for industries such as electronic communications, electrical and electric, instrumentation, precision hardware, watches and glasses, jewelry, ceramics, etc.

Packaging industry

Laser marking machines use the most direct packaging industry. We are clear that the laser marking machine, which is also known as laser coding machine, is on the material to mark the identification of food and beverage packaging, wine bottle caps cigarette packaging, pharmaceutical boxes/bottles packaging, no matter what the material, which writes are required to mark the product through the laser marking machine, that is, the product production date, batch number, two-dimensional code, and other clear technology in the material.

Food industry

The application of laser marking machines in the food industry currently refers to the use of lasers in the food surface to produce a variety of information marks, such as patterns, two-dimensional codes, etc. The advantages are no consumables, printing effect is finer and clearer, higher resolution, low failure rate, clean and pollution-free.

Other industries

The fiber laser marking machine for clothing, leather, craft gifts, packaging, advertising, wood, textile, plastic, signs, electronic communications, watches, glasses, printing, decoration, and other non-metal processing industry can achieve perfect marking. And fiber laser marking machines in wood products, fabric, leather, organic glass, epoxy resin, acrylic, unsaturated resin, and other non-metallic materials processing have good results.

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