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What are the common problems of laser marking machines?

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Due to the superior performance and frequent daily use of laser marking machines, laser marking machines occasionally break down. If the problem cannot be solved in time, it may affect production efficiency. Today here is to teach you some of the more common problems with laser marking machines and how to go about solving these problems.

Here is the content list:

Focus shift

Marking pattern local unclear

The marking pattern is dull


Focus shift

Because each focusing mirror is corresponding to the depth of focus range and is using the off-focus approach, which will easily lead to, in a wide range of marking patterns, the edge in the depth of focus of the critical point or beyond the depth of focus range, so it is very easy to mark the effect of uneven. Therefore, the solution to laser marking machine for gold jewelry out of focus marking method is to think about the laser energy problem.

Marking pattern local unclear

The solution to this situation is to check whether the thickness of the molded version of the laser marking machine for metal is uniform, whether the mold pressure is too small, whether the temperature is too low, and whether the precision of the machine is decreasing. The thickness error of the die plate should be controlled within 0.001mm, and the hardness should be kept at 230-280N/mm, because the hologram is molded by applying certain pressure to the die roller and the interference stripes are molded, if the hardness of the die plate is not enough, the internal stress will deform or damage the die plate in the process of embossing.

The marking pattern is dull

The solution to this problem is to check whether the heating temperature of the fiber laser marking machine is too low and whether the molding pressure is decreasing. The setting of the molding pressure should take into account the molding temperature, the type of holographic material or the softening point of the coating layer of the molding plate, etc. If the pressure is too high, the molded version will be easily damaged or the holographic material will be crushed; if the pressure is too low, the molded image will not be clear and complete. The initial pressure of the two sides of the pressure roller is generally around 0.08MPa, after the start of the molding slowly and evenly increase the pressure roller pressure to 030 ~ 0.50MPa. molding speed can be adjusted according to the performance of the fiber laser marking machine.


Check whether the whole machine light road screw is loose, if loose, then need to tighten the screw. Check whether there is excessive dust in the gun body to prevent damage to the gun endoscope. If damage is found, the gun endoscope must be replaced. Chiller long time on without turning on the laser power and lighting, it will cause freezing and not bright. If it is due to this cause, you need to turn off the laser marking machine power system for 1 hour and restart it. If it is because the lamp is aging or the laser power is decreasing, then the lamp must be replaced. If it is because the laser power drops after a long time of working, then you need to open the bottom cover of the gun and adjust it in the gun endoscope.

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