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What are the purchase techniques of laser engraving machine?

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In recent years, with the rapid development of industrial technology, laser engraving machine in the application of technology, process development and promotion, laser plane marking, laser engraving machine sales also show a good upward trend. Various laser equipment on the market, roughly summarized as: laser welding, laser marking, laser internal engraving, laser cutting, laser demonstration, laser punching, laser plate making machine, laser medical, laser beauty, laser heat treatment, laser coding, etc.. How to choose the right laser engraving machine for you is especially important.

Here is the content list:

Industry analysis

Size of processed products

Engraving accuracy of laser machine

Power of laser tube

Reputation and good after-sales service

Industry analysis

It is important to know which industry you are doing. Now on the market about the classification of engraving machines, mainly divided into two categories: one is the engraving of non-metal, one is the engraving of metal. Carving non-metal is mainly used by the carbon dioxide laser tube, carving metal is mainly used by the YAG laser engraving machine. To choose the correct laser engraving machine according to the industry they are engaged in, and the specific content they want to carve, for example, you are engaged in the jewelry industry, then you can choose a special jewelry laser engraving machine.

The size of the processed products

Know the size of the product you want to process. According to the actual size of the product you want to carve the product to choose the right laser engraving machine, that is, choose the format size of the laser engraving machine. For example, the size of the product you want to carve is 130 cm * 90 cm, then you can choose the carving width is 130 cm * 250 cm models, but pay attention to the width of the machine is not necessarily good, because the large size of the equipment is not only more expensive, and some poor quality machines, equipment in the large size of the processing table at various points of the average degree of laser output is not stable, resulting in the same table carving out of different depths of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate processing width of the machine.

Laser machine engraving accuracy

The laser machine with high engraving accuracy can naturally be favored, so that laser engraving and traditional engraving equipment and manual engraving have high and low precision. So in the choice must pay attention to the laser engraving machine engraving accuracy of this parameter, the higher the engraving accuracy, the better the effect, the more the products made to the satisfaction of consumers and customers.

The power of the laser tube

Laser engraving machine, as the name implies, has a lot to do with the laser tube, so the power of the laser tube largely determines the effect of the finished carving. This is not the higher the power of the laser tube the better, but some materials if the laser tube with high power will cause bad results. So according to the material to choose the right laser tube, for example, acrylic and two-color plate carving does not need too high power laser tube, but wood and stone carving and cutting any material may have problems.

Reputation and good after-sales service

This depends on whether the customer knows enough about the market and the industry. The after-sales service of laser engraving machine directly affects the productivity. If the machine bought over has a fault that cannot be solved, it directly causes the production to stop and cannot work, so the maintenance of after-sales service is very important. So customers in the choice of laser engraving machine products to actively understand the market, analyze the market, analyze which manufacturers produce better machines, reputation is guaranteed, which manufacturers of better quality machines, better engraving effect, this information must be mastered at once, only mastered these, in the choice to buy to get comfortable.

In summary, in the choice to buy laser engraving machine products, must understand these aspects of the content, only to understand, mastered, in the choice of laser engraving machine will not look clumsy, will be comfortable, in order to make the right choice according to their actual situation. Ray fine tech is a professional manufacturer of 3D laser engraving machine, jewelry laser engraving machine, CNC laser engraving machine, fiber laser engraving machine and other laser engraving machine companies, interested parties can click on our website, our website is https://www.Ray fine techtech. com.

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