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What materials are laser engraving machines suitable for processing?

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Laser engraving machine, everywhere. The materials that use laser engraving, also countless. Today, Ray fine tech for you to inventory several common materials and their laser engraving technology methods

Here is the content list:



Density veneer panel

Two-color board

Lacquered copper plate


Acrylic is particularly widely used in the advertising industry. There are a variety of shapes and sizes, relatively speaking, the use of laser engraving machine cost is relatively low. Generally speaking, Plexiglas is back engraved, that is, carved from the front and viewed from behind, which makes the finished product more three-dimensional. In back engraving, please mirror the graphics first, and engraving speed should be fast and low power. Plexiglass is relatively easy to cut, when cutting should use a blowing device to improve the quality of the cut. When cutting Plexiglas over 8mm, the lens should be replaced with a larger size.


Wood is very easy to engrave and cut with a laser engraving machine. Light-colored woods such as birch, cherry, or maple are well vaporized by the laser and are therefore more suitable for engraving. Each type of wood has its characteristics, some are denser, such as hardwoods, and require higher laser power for engraving or cutting.

Laser engraving machine cutting wood depth is generally not deep, within 5mm, this is because the laser power is small, such as slowing down the cutting speed will cause wood burning. The specific operation can try to use a large size lens, and the use of the repeated cutting method.

Density veneer panel

It is the kind of wood pallets that we often use for sign liners. The material is a high-density board with a thin wood grain attached to the surface. A laser engraving machine can be engraved on this pointed material plant, but the engraved pattern is uneven and dark in color, usually to be colored. Usually, you can use a 0.5mm two-color board for the inlay to get better results by learning the proper design. After carving, just use a damp cloth to clean the surface of the density board.

Two-color board

A Two-color board is a kind of engineering plastic composed of two or more layers of the color compound for engraving, its specifications are generally 600*1200mm, there are also a small number of brand specifications for 600*900mm. the effect of using laser engraving machine engraving will be very good, there is a very obvious contrast and clear edges. Note that the speed should not be too slow, do not cut through once, it is divided into three or four times, so that the cut material edge is flat, with no melting traces. The power should be just right when engraving and processing, and should not be too large to avoid the appearance of melting marks.

Lacquered copper plate

Normally, copper cannot be laser engraved. However, there is now a material with a special lacquer film attached to its surface, and the laser can completely vaporize the lacquer film on the surface to reveal the underlying copper plate. Usually, the manufacturer will polish the copper plate or do a special treatment before plating so that the area exposed after engraving can have a sufficient finish and can be preserved for a long time. If the copper surface is not treated, a protective film is required after using the laser engraving machine to avoid oxidation and surface staining over time.

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