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What to pay attention to when choosing a laser engraving machine?

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The laser engraving machine is mastered and used by many small and medium-sized craft processors, especially non-metal laser engraving machines and non-metal marking machines is widely used in the processing industry of wood products, glass, bamboo, bamboo tube, folk paper cutting, shadow, handicrafts and so on. With the increased share of laser machine applications in the industry, laser machine types are also increasing, so there will be a lot of room for development in the future. Many users have gone into a misunderstanding, hoping that the laser engraving machine they buy is "all-purpose", can do everything, everything, which is greatly wrong. The following laser engraving machine from the purchase of the use of the following description.

Here is the content list:

Engraving rubber plate, cardboard printing.

Engraving crafts.

Cutting acrylic plates

Garment, leather engraving cutting

Engraving rubber plate, carton printing.

Most laser engraving machines can be used to engrave the rubber plate, there is no need to choose those with more features, the speed of the machine because most of those features of the laser engraving machine features are not used; carving speed is not used, because the carving rubber plate when the speed is too fast easy to make the depth of carving can not achieve the desired effect. Recommended: buy a laser engraving machine suitable for carving rubber sheets, cheap, fast return investment.

Engraving crafts.

Most laser engraving machines can be used to engrave crafts, according to the requirements to choose.

Carving jewelry: you can choose a professional machine jewelry laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine price is more affordable and its effect is excellent. High precision engraving wooden boxes, wine boxes: choose 500x700, 600x900 format machine, and to have a lifting platform, otherwise the long wooden boxes can not be put in. Carving bamboo cones, tea cones: choose 500x700, 600x900 format machines with lifting platform and equipped with rotary carving device. Carving large woodblock prints: choose a 600x900 format machine with a lifting platform, and the machine can pass through the material before and after so that the carving of large size boards can be done with ease. Making greeting cards: choose machines with 500x700, 600x900 format, and machines with the cutting platform and fast cutting speed, otherwise the edges of the paper sheets are painted yellow.

Cutting acrylic sheet

Most laser cutting machines can be used to cut acrylic panels, but it is recommended to choose a special laser cutting machine, because the acrylic laser engraving machine is optimized for laser cutting design, cutting effect is very good. If you still insist on buying an ordinary laser cutting machine, then you must choose a laser cutting machine with a "knife bed" device.

Clothing, leather engraving

Choose a laser engraving machine with fast cutting speed and a honeycomb cutting platform


The purchase of laser engraving machines should be based on their production capacity and hardware facilities, select both to meet the production tasks and cost-saving models. At the same time should pay attention to the detailed performance of the equipment and after-sales service, and the processing effect of the equipment to confirm.

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