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What are the common problems of laser cutting machines?

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Laser cutting machine has been used a lot in the field of carbon steel processing because of its excellent performance such as fast, high efficiency, high quality and high yield. However, many users, due to the lack of understanding of laser cutting machines, may encounter various problems in the use of the process, which affects the normal operation of the laser cutting machine and the quality of cutting. The following is an analysis of the following common problems and the corresponding solutions.

Here is the content list:

  •  Small hole distortion in the cutting process

  •  Laser cutting of mild steel, the workpiece burrs

  •  Laser cutting processing of stainless steel and aluminized zinc plate, the workpiece has burrs generated

  •  The laser does not completely cut through the state

  •  Cutting mild steel when there are abnormal sparks

Small hole distortion in the cutting process

This is because the machine (only for high-power CNC laser cutting machine) in the processing of small holes is not to take the way of burst perforation, but with pulse perforation (soft piercing), which makes the laser energy in a very small area is too concentrated, will be non-machining area also scorched, resulting in hole deformation, affecting the quality of processing. At this point we should be in the processing program will be pulse perforation (soft piercing) way to blast perforation (ordinary piercing) way to solve. For smaller power CNC laser cutting machine is the opposite, in the small hole processing should take the pulse perforation way to obtain a better surface finish.

Laser cutting of mild steel, the workpiece burrs

According to the work and design principles of the co2 laser cutting machine, the following reasons are analyzed as the main cause of burrs in the processed parts: the upper and lower position of the laser focus is not correct, you need to do the focus position test, according to the focus of the offset to adjust. The co2 laser cutting machine cutting line speed is too slow, need to increase the line speed in the operation control. The purity of cutting gas is not enough, need to provide high-quality cutting working gas. The laser focal point is shifted, a focal point position test needs to be done and adjusted according to the amount of focal point shift. The instability occurs when the machine runs for too long, in which case the machine needs to be shut down and restarted.

Laser cutting processing of stainless steel and aluminum zinc plate, the workpiece has a burr generated

In the above situation, the first consideration is sheet metal laser cutting machine cutting mild steel burr factors, but not simply speed up the cutting speed, because increasing the speed will sometimes appear in the plate cutting through the situation, this situation is particularly prominent in the processing of zinc-aluminum plate. This should be a comprehensive consideration of other factors of the machine to solve, such as whether to replace the nozzle, guide movement is not stable, etc.

The laser does not completely cut through the state

Analysis can be found in the following situations is to produce the main situation of processing instability: the choice of laser head nozzle and processing plate thickness does not match. Or the laser cutting line speed is too fast, need to operate the control to reduce the line speed. It May also be inaccurate nozzle induction to the laser focus position error is too large, the need to re-test the nozzle induction data, especially in cutting aluminum is most likely to occur.

Cutting mild steel when there are abnormal sparks

This situation will affect the quality of the cut surface finish of the part. In this case, in the case of other parameters are normal, the following should be considered: the loss of laser head nozzle, the nozzle should be replaced promptly. In the absence of a new nozzle replacement, should increase the fiber laser cutting machine cutting working gas pressure. Loose threads at the connection between the nozzle and the laser head. In this case, the cutting should be suspended immediately, check the laser head connection status, and rethread.

Laser cutting machine is valuable high-tech equipment, once the operation of a variety of problems, both labor-intensive, and increased costs. Therefore, as one of the laser cutting machine manufacturers Liaocheng Ray Fine Technology Co, we recommend you to choose the best quality equipment when purchasing.

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