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How to choose the right laser engraving machine?

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The emergence of engraving machine provides another rare business opportunity for the advertising and decoration industry, it is gradually accepted by people like computer engraving machine a few years ago, computer engraving machine engraving badges, section signs, various signs, crystal word light boxes, architectural models, mold making, etc., has gradually become popular in this industry. In the application of engraving machine gradually popular at the same time, a variety of engraving machine also gradually appear in the market such as 3d laser engraving machine, jewelry laser engraving machine, cnc laser engraving machine, fiber laser engraving machine, dazzling, how should users choose the right engraving machine for themselves?

Here is the content list:

  • Pay attention to the laser engraving machine features

  • According to the size of the processed products

  • According to the material engraved

Pay attention to the laser engraving machine features

The laser engraving machine engraving motor has high power and low power. Some laser engraving machine power is small only suitable for doing two-color plates, architectural models, small signs, three-dimensional crafts, and other materials processing, this process has been popular for some time, but due to the carving power is too small and greatly affect its application range. Another is a high-power engraving head laser engraving machine, this laser engraving machine is divided into two categories, one is a large format cutting machine: the width is generally more than one meter, but the accuracy of this laser engraving machine is generally poor; the other is a moderate width laser engraving machine: this laser engraving machine is generally applied to fine processing and organic signage production.

According to the size of the processed products

According to the required engraving products to choose the size of the laser engraving machine, so that the laser equipment is useful. We all know that the width of the laser engraving machine, engraving frequency, etc. in the laser equipment operation in addition to the effect of engraving, but also may have an impact on the stability of the machine, the frequency is too fast, the greater the power, for laser equipment, there may be equipment shaking, and cutting is also unstable, engraving may appear in varying depths, so the purchase of laser engraving machine, to absolutely correspond to the size of the product well program.

According to the material engraved

Not all materials are suitable for laser engraving machine engraving, the same, the same engraving machine is not deliberately inclusive of all material processing, laser engraving machine is mainly divided into two kinds of YAG and CO2, in general, CO2 to carve non-metallic products, and YAG is mainly used for metal products engraving. Roughly to such two categories of materials to distinguish, at present, the market is more common in most of the CO2 laser engraving machines. But in the purchase of the time to communicate with the business and then confirm.

Selection of laser engraving machine, according to the need to carve the material and content of the different choice of the appropriate laser tube. For example, carving acrylic and two-color plate, choose a smaller power laser tube can be, but in the carving of marble, to protect the carving process, we must increase the laser engraving power, to achieve the desired carving effect.

For example,3d laser engraving machine widely used in aerospace, automotive ships, machinery manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, advertising production, household appliance manufacturing, medical equipment, hardware decoration, fitness equipment, metal external processing services, and other manufacturing industries, especially in automotive parts processing has the advantages of other laser engraving machine cannot be matched, such as automotive body design and manufacturing, greatly reducing the investment risk of mold development, mainly used to develop new models In the line cutting, deformation car production, such as cutting sample car parts, body covering parts of cutting holes, trimming, cutting steering wheel holes, body windshield, roof cover bracket holes, airbag parts, hydraulic molding parts, etc. Choose laser engraving machine according to the products to be processed.

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