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RDcam Live Focus CO2 Laser Cutting And Engraving Machine RF-CO2-7050 RF- CO2-9060 RF-CO2-1390

  • RF-CO2-7050 RF-CO2-9060 RF-CO2-1390

RDcam Live Focus CO2 Laser Cutting And Engraving Machine  RF-CO2-7050  RF-CO2-9060  RF-CO2-1390

This serials co2 laser cutting and engraving machine have been equipped with RDCAM live focus function.

Live focus Function:
The live focus system mainly function is that automatically find the right focus when working on not flat materials.

That means the laser machine can work with right focus all the time then to get high precison cutting and engraving work.

Live focus control system:


1. Realize the high speed movement speed and response speed of servo motor or stepping motor;
2. Support various protection functions such as limit protection, emergency stop, and open cover protection;
3. The focus position is modified online, and the position is changed in real time. The sensor monitoring range is ±35mm (optional);
4. The real-time motion status display of the cutting head and various alarm information prompts;
5, support different lifting height and speed settings, easy to use different cutting methods;

Application: It can be widely used in laser cutting, laser engraving, laser welding and other fields. Suitable for large format laser processing machines.

Laser head can be up and down when working:

QQ图片20180929101752 副本

Materials can be cutting and engraving

Acrylic, wood, fabric, cloth, leather, rubber plate, PVC, paper and other nonmetal materials with complex shapes

cutting and engraving samples:QQ图片20180930144259



RF-7050-CO2- 80W 100W 130W

RF-9060-CO2- 80W 100W 130W 150W

RF-1390-CO2- 80W 100W 130W 150W

Laser power


RECI W2 100W


RECI W8 150W

Cutting thickness

0-12 mm (depends on different materials)

0-15 mm (depends on different materials)

0-25 mm (depends on different materials)

0-25 mm (depends on different materials)

Cooling way

Water chiller CW5000 and protection system

Water chiller CW5200 and protection system

Focus lens

USA imported D20mm/FCL63.5mm

Power supply

AC220/110V±10%  50/60hz

Working area




Max moving Speed


Laser energy control

1-100% set by hand or software

Working table

Motorized up and down table +honeycomb table+aluminum blade table

Locating precision


Operating temperature


Resolution ratio


Control program


Data transfer interface


System environment

WINDOWS 2000/WINDOWS XP/vista/Win7/8/10

Graphic format supported

The file which Corel Draw, Photo shop, Auto-CAD can identify

Compatible software

Corel Draw, Auto-CAD

Color separation

Separation of cutting up to 256 colors

Sloping engraving


Red dot pointer


milliamp meter


pass through doors for long work-piece



Plywood case


1.Heavy duty machine body with good rigidity

2.Taiwan imported linear guide rails with good precision

3.Laser work control program easy study and operation without dongle

4.High precision 3phase leadshine stepping motor and driver

5.USA imported focus lens with good focus effect

6.Quality  RECI 80W 100W 130W 150W with 10000 hours life time

7.China best brand TEYU chiller CW5000/CW5200

8.Motorized up and down table which suitable for thin and high workpiece;

9.Honeycomb table for small and soft materials;

10.Aluminium blade table for large and hard materials


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