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Fiber Marking Machine Laser Marking Machine And Laser Engraving Machine Mopa 100W JPT Color 60W 30W 50W

Laser marking machine adopts international most advanced technology,lifetime can reach 100,000 hours, 8-10 years without any consumables and maintenance. we have 2 years warranty time for our laser source ,The diode coupling with fiber to process pump, the pump light will course the particles reverse which can emit high quality laser beam. This is the best choice for the customers who have special requirements to the smallest & finest laser beam and character.
  • RF-20W/RF-30W/RF-50W
  • RayFine


Machine Parameters

Product Parameters
Max Single pulse energy
Pulse duration
Laser beam quality M2
Marking area
Cooling way
Air cooling
Working voltage
AC220V 50HZ/ac 110V 60HZ
Control Program
Genuine EZCAD control system compatible with win7/8/10
Graphic format supported
Packing size
Product Description


Other Optional Accessories

Optional parts :

--The Products not include any optional parts .You can choose the appropriate parts according to your marking requirements.


Rotary Device:rotary device is mainly apply to the surface of curved and cylinder marking.

XY table

2D Working table:X Y axis adjustable worktable can achieve very small position movement of workpiece via adjust the worktable.


Rotating platform:Rotating worktable can achieve multi-station marking of surface.


Field lens:Choose field lenses of different formats according to your needs, the types are 70x70mm   110x110mm   150x150mm  175x175mm   200x200mm.


Autofocus:This is a distance sensor, it can focus automatically without manual focusing.

XYZ table

XYZ table:The material can be placed on the platform to find the focal length easily. It can also be used for materials that exceed the field size.

Machine application

Machine applications and samples
Machine suitable for marking materials
Metal materials and some non-metals,such as Gold, silver, copper, aluminum, stainless steel
Machine applicable industry
Marking of text and text in many fields such as electronic parts, various auto parts, home appliances, hardware tools, mold
jewellery, tobacco, and military affairs

Packaging & Shipping

1. Collect all accessories and and spare parts together one by one based on the order list ,and check all parts carefully once more to ensure all parts are included. 

2. Our packaging standard: 

 +thick layer of plastic wrap 

 + Six-sided pearl cotton 

 + high-strength wooden box 

 + packing belt and then fix the machine to ensure the safety of the machine during transportation. 

3. Stick the shipping mark to ensure the buyer can recognize the right machine easily. 

4. Stick the Safety signs can remind transporters to take good care of our equipment during shipping.

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Our advantages
1.We are a high-tech enterprise engaged in research, development, production, sales and service of laser equipment. It
is headquartered in the Liaocheng.

2.The company always keep remember the strong charm of science and technology, and actively established an engineering technology research center, The leading products are laser cutting machine, laser marking machine and laser engraving machine.

3.The company's research and development of automatic focusing system based on image recognition principle, three-dimensional flexible laser marking system, laser engraving route optimization algorithm and other core technologies provide scientific and technological support for the development of laser equipment.

4.It has passed the international quality management system certification and obtained the quality license for export products.

High-quality products and excellent service make Easy products sold all over the country and exported to 120 countries.

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