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Fiber Laser Marking Machine Large Area Marking Stitching with XY Motorized Table

Split portable type design easy for FEDEX / DHL / TNT express shipping; 
XY motorized table can achieve laser marking 400*400mm, 480*560mm or large area marking; 
Adopt high quality mopa fiber laser more durable;
Galvo head with double red dots help you find focus length.
  • 20W 30W 50W 60W 80W 100W 120W
  • ray fine tech
  • 845611

Machine Pictures




Laser Marking Area:

- XY motorized table the XY travel distance can 360*280mm,if you use 200x200mm lens, maximum can mark area 560*280mm

- XY motorized table adopt ball screw,with high precision and accuracy


xy moving table

Our Features

OUR ADVANTAGE 1: Motorized UP and DOWN

*We installed a stepper motor on the machine's column, so we use a switch to control the machine UP / DOWN, which is convenient and fast



*500mm motorized column with clear ruler  (because add XY motorized table and focal length, we also have 800mm column)


OUR ADVANTAGE 2 : Digital Galvanometer

*Double red dots easy to focus , they help you find the focal length, it is a very useful

*Precise: Long time drift (work continuously for 8 hours) <0.3m Rad



OUR ADVANTAGE 3 : JPT laser source (Fiber series and MOPA series)

*Fiber laser series is 20W 30W 50W , 1~600khz laser frequency, 200ns laser pulse width; MOPA series is 20W 30W 60W 80W 100W 120W, 1~4000khz laser frequency, 1~500ns laser pulse width.  MOPA series is better, has stronger energy, and has a larger adjustment range.

*Stable working performance and a service life of more than 100,000 hours.

*Be more quiet than the market RAYCUS brand,MAX brand it’s come with smart cooling fan the fan only working when laser source over certain temparature


OUR ADVANTAGE 4 : Genuine UMC4 control system


Control software



Optional Accessories

We also provide many optional accessories that require additional payment.

1.80 rotary

2.jewelry ring rotary

3.pen rotary table

4.smoke purifier

5.metal holder

6.xyz table

7.xy table


Sample Show




NOTE: This specification sheet is an example of JPT 50w fiber laser marking machine.


Laser wavelength1064nm

Laser output power


Max pulse energy


Pulse duration


Pulse repetition rate range


Cooling type

Air cooling

Marking Area

100mm×100mm  standard

Max working speed


Laser spot

27.5μm  when 100*100mm area

Laser beam quality M2


Min. Character size:


Repetition Accuracy


Supply voltage:

AC110V 60HZ / AC220V 50HZ  ±10%

Control software


Power consumption

Machine weight40~44 KG     withou XY motorized table

--We provide free YouTube operation videos and PDF English manuals.

--We have professional after-sales technicians who can assist through WeChat, Email, WhatsApp, Teamviewer.

--Before packing  in our factory, we do a 24-hour test. When you receive the machine, connect to the computer and you can use the laser directly.

--We Provide Free Ezcad Software.


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