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High Quality Welding Machine Handheld 2000w Laser Welding Machine for Metal

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Laser welding is to irradiate a high energy density laser beam on two parts of the material, so that the local heating melt, and then cooling and solidification into one. Compared with traditional welding technology, laser welding has the following
  • RF-1000W/RF-1500W/RF-2000W
  • RayFine



  1. Precise positioning
    Optical fiber laser welding machine is equipped with red light monitoring system, which is convenient to observe, and can precisely locate .

  2. Uniform weld spot
    The spot energy distribution of optical fiber laser welding machine is uniform, and it has the best spot needed for welding characteristics.

  3. Suitable for all kinds of weld's screams
    Fiber laser welding machine adapts to all kinds of complex welds, spot welding of various devices, and welding seams of thin plates within 1mm. It has fast welding speed, large depth and small deformation.

  4. Batch & Mass Production
    Optical fiber laser welding machine can customize special automatic fixture to realize mass production of products.

  5. Corrosion Resistance and High Temperature Resistance
    Fiber laser welding machine uses ceramic concentrator, which can be welded at room temperature under special conditions, such as vacuum or through glass materials, and has simple equipment, corrosion resistance and high temperature.

Product Description

IMG20220127155334 JPT Laser source
Fiber laser source, the laser power is stable,with indicator light and emergency stop button, can more intuitively observe the
operation of the laser and make judgments.
IMG20220127155339 Industrial Chiller
Control and adjust the temperature of the laser source and better protect the life of the laser source in bad weather temperature.
IMG20220127155301 Wire Feeder
The portable wire feeder only needs to connect the wire feeder power cable and the wire feeder signal cable to the corresponding interface on the back of the machine, which is easy to connect, and has a touch screen control system, which is simple to control and easy to operate.
IMG20220128160937 Handheld swing head

Feature:Light weight 0.8KG, High quality copper nozzle,Integrated gas protection system.



Laser power
Working model
Continuous and Modulation
Laser power output
Laser type
CW Fiber laser
Laser Wavelength
Max Line length
8~10 Meter
Welding speed
0~120mm / s
Protective gas
Cooling system
Water cooling - Industrial Chiller
Power supply
Power consumption
Packaging & Shipping


Q1: How about the delivery time?
A1: For ordinary machines, we can send out the machines within 10 days after receiving the deposit

Q2: What is the delivery period?
A2: We can do FOB, CIF and DOOR TO DOOR

Q3: What is the payment term?
A3: We accept: TT, LC, Paypal, credit card, WU, moneygrame, etc. Machine production requires a 30% deposit, the balance to be paid before delivery or upon seeing a copy of the bill of lading.

Q4: How about the warranty time?
A4: All parts are guaranteed for two years. For small parts we can send you new large value parts We need you to send back the damaged parts. We recommend that you include a set of spare parts with your order, which will make it easier for you to continue working!

Q5: How can I get your support?
A5: We provide services by email, phone, online whatsapp wechat etc. We can solve problems remotely, with photos and videos.

Q6: How do I know your machine is working well?
A6: Before shipment, we have tested each machine, if you have special production conditions, we can adjust the machine for you.

Q7: How to protect my order?
A7: Trade Assurance is a free service of Alibaba to build trade trust. We provide you with a set of features and safeguards to help ensure suppliers adhere to important contract details.

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